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Green Fontaines are the 5th deck of Fontaine Playing Cards by Zach Mueller. A limited run of 5,000 decks will be printed by the USPCC in March. They sold out in 9 hours


In 2013 Red Fontaines were produced on Indiegogo by Zach Mueller.

After quickly selling out, demand for Fontaines skyrocketed, with Red Fontaines re-selling for over $350 per deck. In the past 3 years Blue, Black, and Pink editions were made, all of which also sold out - with the Pink pre-orders selling out in 3 days.

Fontaine has grown from just a deck of cards into a full fledged brand. We've been written up in ADWEEK, our cardistry videos featured on HYPEBEAST, and Fontaines will soon be seen in movie theaters across the USA - SLEIGHT will release nationwide on April 7.

Making cardistry videos and tutorials on our YouTube channel has garnered over 76,000 subscribers from around the globe - cardists, magicians and those who just enjoy watching dope stuff. Some of our favorites include collaborations with Kuma Films, Status SilverAXYZM, Japan Airlines and Activision.

Fontaine Green Playing Cards

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