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The X Deck (VERSION 2.0) is LIVE, with the 1st deck in the line: WHITE/BLACK (limited quantity available)

Hey everyone! Pandrea here! PUMPED to drop this new deck - in the works for 10 months now! This begins our SECOND stylized version of the X decks. EACH VERSION WILL HAVE 3 DECKS IN THE LINE. The first versions had 3, the second version will have 3, and so on...

The X Deck is now Alex's go-to-deck for all magic performances. Simple enough to fit his minimal style, yet stylized enough to give it a vibe. Why X's? Well, Pandrea was born on Oct. 10th, at 10:00, hence 10.10.10 - with the NEW DUCT TAPE-like X designs on the back - this deck really encompasses Alex.
THIN CRUSHED (tm) for the BEST feeling deck on the market
Gaff card included
Arrco Face for vintage vibe
Printed to perfection by The United States Playing Cards Company
Duplicate Queen of Hearts in every deck
Thick and sturdy tuck box (highest quality)
X Deck Signature Edition White Playing Cards

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