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Diffractor Playing Cards are truly one-of-a-kind and have the patent to prove it.

We’ll explain more below. But, with less than 25 of these extremely limited edition decks left in stock, you might want to read fast!

Using a newly-invented (and patented) printing process, Diffractor Playing Cards feature stunning holographics on the front and back of every card.

If this stunning rainbow shine looks familiar to you, it’s because this distinguished aesthetic has been fully-customized by artist Lance T. Miller to replicate the special stickers you’d find on an ID card or a security document.

Every deck of Diffractor Playing Cards comes sealed in a special embossed tuck case wrapped on both the inside and outside with cellophane and marked with its print number in the limited production of just 499 decks.

Whether you want to elevate your magic or cardistry, or just proudly display these in your collection, Diffractor Playing Cards are truly one of the must-have decks of the year!

Vegas Diffractor Classic Playing Cards

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