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The colorful and stunning frame on the card back is unlike any of our previous works, its beauty comes from the innumerable color lines but not inconsistent interacting with each other. It’s like holding the huge brain waves in your hand. 

When you opening a fan with this deck, it will look different in both directions. 

Looking at the Ace of Spade, it only has a rough outline of a spade.

The shape of the line is like a kaleidoscope. It seems to have a regular square, a triangle, and it seems to have some infinite marginal curve. 

Using warm colors on Heart and Diamond symbolizes the emotional side of the designer; while the use of cool tones expressing Spade and Club is like the rational side of the designer's mind.

For the Court card, the half part of character also has a mystery, the image frame of the character J is a triangle; the image frame of the character Q is a circle; the image frame of the character K is a trapezoid, and all the characters seem like breaking the frame and appear outside the picture.

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