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Shadows of London Collector Set Playing Cards


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This set contains the following:

1 x Pennyless Playing Cards
1 x Moonshine Playing Cards
1 x Pennyless Collector Coin
1 x Moonshine Collector Coin
1 x Pennyless Pouch
1 x Moonshine Pouch

London 1843. The construction of Big Ben begins, but there are already many bells tolling long echoes through the dark streets of London. These narrow streets are inhabited by suspicious figures that cast long shadows. A thief, a beggar, a prostitute, a corrupt politician and his cunning wife. All sceptical and scheming about the intentions of the shadowy figure right around the corner and at the end of the street.

Shadows of London Pennyless edition:

The Pennyless tuck has a gloomy scenery printed in a matte material with a striking silver foil and an embossed title that brings the poor people of the Victorian streets to foreground. This tuck is designed to set the tone and atmosphere of the theme. It has a fully custom stamp-like, numbered tuck seal.

Shadows of London Moonshine edition:

The Moonshine tuck is manufactured in a horizontal format with a black soft touch stock for a truly exquisite Victorian feel. The tuck exterior is adorned with intricate and detailed gold foil on all sides, inspired by luxury brand tobacco- and matchbox packaging from the time period. It has a fully custom stamp-like, numbered tuck seal.

★ 19th century Victorian London theme
★ Embossed tuck boxes with gold/silver foil
★ Interior tuck foil
★ Limited edition (print run is 2,500)
★ Custom, numbered tuck seals
★ 52 poker sized playing cards + 2 unique diptych jokers
★ Metallic gold/silver ink on card backs
★ Printed by TWPCC (LPCC/EPCC)

Shadows of London Collector Set Playing Cards

₱13,650.00 PHP

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