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Roulette (Marked) Playing Cards


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Roulette Playing Cards by Mechanic Industries

Bringing all of the fun of the Casino into your hands, and then ultimately into your audience's experience. Everyone knows and loves the game of Roulette, so it's the perfect vehicle to connect with your audience using a familiar theme. Building on our previous Mechanic Decks, we've flip-book-animated the Roulette wheel. This not only allows you add narrative and create some truly amazing new magic tricks using the countdown / spell to principle, it also doubles up as an easy to use marking system. The court cards have been customised with Roulette motifs such as the rake, the ball and of course the cash! Expertly illustrated to blend seamlessly with the classic artwork, these really finish the deck off.

We've included two 'Erdnase' style Croupier Jokers. One holding the ball and one in a 'just thrown the ball' pose. This allows for some cool colour change animations and is the perfect precursor to link up with the other effects creating a full gambling flavoured routine. It doesn't stop there! There's also a box gaff prediction card and we're going to teach you an amazing, yet easy to do effect called House Edge. There's so much material that comes along with this deck of playing cards! All the tricks taught have a gambling style theme and you can combine all of the effects into the ultimate casino magic routine.

We've even managed to include 1 red back card, so you can make use of that for colour changing deck or Monte style routines. Mechanic Casino Edition Roulette Playing Cards are printed on premium crushed USPCC stock so they handle like a dream.


Straight Up

The spectator selects a card, this is their 'bet'. It's lost and mixed in the deck. The Roulette wheel spins and spins and they call 'stop' - the deck is cut exactly there. The ball has stopped on a number... the spectator counts down that number to reveal their selected card. Congratulations you win!!

Split bet

A similar concept to 'Straight up' but with 2 selections, they make a combination bet with their selected cards which are lost in seperate parts of the deck. The roulette wheel spins and wherever they say stop the deck is cut. You count down the number of cards that the ball has stopped on to reveal one card - a combination of their two initial cards (ie 2+8=10) The card is then immediately and visually split back into their original bets. This packs some powerful magical moments with a deviously constructed kicker.

Red or Black?

We teach a couple of visually stunning colour changing deck sequences as well as an easy to do Monte trick. If you pick up more than one deck, you will have multiple red back cards to play with to perform your favourite colour changing deck routines.

Marking System

We go in depth on how to use the marking system, so you'll be up and running in no time. There's multiple ways to read the backs and you can now tell the value even in a spread without seeing the whole card ie. distinctive marks in the top left corner.

The Mechanic

We share some of our work on how a card cheat 'could' use this system in a card game. Deal winning hands every time and influence every part of the game. There is no such thing as luck with this deck.

Lucky Thought

An experiment with luck... The spectator shuffles the deck, then cuts and keeps half, the performer keeps the other half. You both choose a random card and shuffle into your half of the pack. You then switch packs and not only does the performer guess which card was chosen, the audience member guesses correctly which card the performer chose, very lucky!

House Edge

We teach you two prediction style tricks, one using just the box gaff and then an amazing piece of magic that combines the box gaff with the Croupier Jokers.

The Croupier

A similar concept to our Grind Out Jokers. This time we've illustrated the Jokers in a 'Ernase' style Croupier hands; one holding a ball, the other throwing the ball. This allows for some great tricks using colour changes to activate the animation. They can still be used as two regular Jokers for your existing Joker tricks.

All tricks have been designed with specific gambling style patter to enhance and theme your presentations. With nearly 2hrs of detailed instruction, we teach basic handlings for each plot and offer advice as to where you can switch out sleights depending on your skill level. Some tricks are pretty much self-working and there are medium to advanced options also. We have a Roulette Playing Cards Facebook Group for additional support where we will share new tutorials and ideas and answer any questions you may have. There's lots of scope for exploration using these new concepts and it's a great place for you to share your discoveries and see what everyone else is doing with the new deck.

Ball not included, Grinder Coins featured sold separately.
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Roulette (Marked) Playing Cards

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