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Quest Tower Puzzle Box

Difficulty: Level 6 of 6


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Quest Tower is a new form of intellectual logic games designed to play the story and scenarios of the EscapeWelt quest. Get to the secret compartment with your loved ones without leaving home! A thrilling experience, tricky traps, and intricate puzzles of the quest room await you. Quest Tower is designed by experienced engineers who have developed unique puzzles and multi-level challenges. We don't promise it will be easy. But we guarantee that it will be very interesting!

Made entirely from birch wood, Quest Tower is an environmentally friendly product. We carefully select, sort, and treat the wood for production and assemble the product by hand in our EU factories before packing and sending it to you with our love.

More than 300,000 customers have joined the EscapeWelt family. They appreciate our work and commitment to creating the best experience by showing their love and coming back again and again. Thank you for trusting us with your emotions! You inspire us with new ideas, and our team continues to delight you and your loved ones!

The history of the toy

In the ancient city of Babylon, stood a colossal tower that stretched high into the heavens. This mystical tower was said to be a divine creation, a brainteaser bestowed by the Gods themselves. It was believed that deep within the tower, hidden behind a series of mind-bending riddles lay a mysterious artifact that granted immense wisdom and power.

Beautifully designed and meticulously crafted, this colossal challenge promises to captivate your mind and ignite your curiosity. Immerse yourself in a journey through time and uncover the hidden wisdom of a long-lost civilization.

Are you dare to discover numerous secrets of the Quest Tower to test your wit and intelligence? Get to the hidden compartment at its core to achieve divine wisdom!

Technical parameters

Dimensions and weight
  • Dimensions: 13 x 13 x 15,5 cm
  • Inside compartment: 5,5 х 5,5 х 6 cm
  • The escape room contains 8 different puzzles.
  • Difficulty level: hard

The kit includes:
  1. Quest Tower
  2. Player’s passport – with instructions for solving problems

Do you need help solving the puzzle? Scan the QR code from the player’s passport and go to the Quest Tower online tips page.

Available in English and other languages.

Playing time

Quest Tower is a challenging game from the EscapeWelt intelligent game series. Quest Tower has an average completion time more than 120 minutes.

Play alone or with friends and family. You can share the experience of puzzle solving with four other players.

Miniature quest room at your home
Embark on an exciting adventure right at home! Quest Tower is compact and portable, so you can take it with you and play with your friends.

Solve puzzles one by one, gradually unlocking new ciphers and symbols. Move various mechanisms to get to the secret compartment. No lucky accidents! Everything is based on logical decisions.

A gift to remember
Quest Tower would be the perfect gift for any occasion! The puzzle is suitable for all ages (from 14 years old) — from teenagers to the elderly.

WOW effect, a gift in a gift!
Gift unforgettable emotions! Quest Tower has a secret compartment measuring 5,5 х 5,5 х 6 cm, where you can hide an additional gift: jewelry, money, or just a note with nice wishes. The possibilities are endless!

Wooden gift package
No more gift bags and boxes! Quest Tower is made of birch wood which is ecologically clean and safe.

Modern design
After Quest Tower is solved, use it to decorate your space. For example: as a box for storing jewelry, money, things dear to your heart.

How can I open Quest Tower?
An exciting adventure awaits you! You must solve all the puzzles to get to the secret compartment in Quest Tower. Carefully inspect it from all sides and find special symbols. It is they who will help you solve all the puzzles in order to open Quest Tower.

What if I can't solve Quest Tower?
We are sure that you are on the right track! But we have also prepared suggestive and detailed tips for you. Scan the QR code on the flyer and go to the online guide page Quest Tower. By the way, it is available in English and other languages (German, French, Italian, Spanish, Dutch, Polish, Danish, Swedish, Finnish, Arabic, Hebrew, Korean, Japanese).

I want to give Quest Tower as a present and hide a gift inside! Do I have to solve all the puzzles?
It's great that you chose Quest Tower as a gift! You don't have to solve all the puzzles. We have posted a short guide on the site “How to quickly open Quest Tower” especially for you. This will help you to quickly get to the secret compartment in a few simple steps, hide the gift, close Quest Tower in the same way, and gift it to another person.

What material is Quest Tower made of? Is it safe and environmentally friendly?
All our products are made of high-strength natural wood (birch). We thoroughly select the material, sort and process it, then carefully assemble the toys by hand at our own factories in the EU before they are packaged and sent to you with our love. This is why we guarantee you the high quality of our products.

I have already solved all the puzzles and would like to play with my friends. Is it possible to play a second time?
Of course! You can invite friends and relatives to solve all the puzzles of Quest Tower together with them. To do this, we have posted a short guide on the site “How to put Quest Tower back for a new game”. Please note: there is only one way to solve all the puzzles. Therefore, you will already know all the steps. Do not give any cues!

How long is the game?
On average, solving all the puzzles and opening Quest Tower takes more than 120 minutes. But maybe it is you who will break the record?

How many people can play with me?
The game is designed for a maximum of 4 players. But you'll also really enjoy playing Quest Tower by yourself!

Can I gift this toy to my child?
All our toys are intended for children over 14 years of age. Therefore, it's time to unite in a family team and solve all the tricky puzzles together to get to the secret compartment!

Material: Natural Birchwood
Dimensions: 13 x 13 x 15.5 cm

What are mechanical puzzles?

Mechanical puzzles are physical puzzles that involve manipulating objects or mechanisms to solve a problem or reach a goal. They come in different forms, such as disentanglement, assembly, and sequential movement puzzles.

What's the objective of this puzzle?

This puzzle requires you to figure out how to separate the pieces and put them back together, using your problem-solving skills to find the right sequence of movements.

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Quest Tower Puzzle Box

₱3,750.00 PHP

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