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Professor Tate's Travelling Road Show Classic Edition Playing Cards


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Professor Tate's Traveling Roadshow appears in unexpected places and then vanishes without a trace. No one ever sees them come and go as they appear in cities and towns around the world.

Night after night, the show is never the same twice. Every audience is dealt a different hand as the performers appear in a new sequence. They improvise as they are invited to the stage by random shuffle. Round after round they light up the night weaving epic stories of skill, luck, daring, and intuition.

The gamblers, magicians, collectors, and other romantic souls who are called to discover Professor Tate's Traveling Roadshow are forever changed by their experience.

When the sun comes up, the show is gone without a trace. The only proof that remains is this special deck of cards. Those who own them revisit the magic of that night whenever they shuffle and deal. For the rest of their lives, they may revisit the Professor's show, as every hand dealt tells a new story of triumph and defeat for those who are gathered to play.

Tales of the professor's roadshow have come and gone, many through generations of card players. The decks they offer as proof have changed over time. There are currently two limited versions of these mythical playing card decks for you to choose from.

The Rock and Roll Clubs are fierce, rebellious, and strong. With melodic vocals, masterful musicianship, and an electric stage presence they captivate and entrance an audience.

The sheriffs and outlaws of the Wild West Diamonds are independent, savvy, and resourceful. They almost never miss a shot and they can often read your intentions from across the room.

The Magic Spades are mysterious, elegant, and sly. These mischievous performers have a dark side and frighten their audiences every bit as much as they dazzle them.

The Temptation Hearts are seductive and clever. With intuition and sultry magic, they know exactly what to say and how to move to disarm even the most guarded and callus hearts.

The Joker is the witch doctor and oracle of the show. She is brilliant, crazy, and chaotic. You won't see her often but when she is called to the stage the story often changes in surprising and dramatic ways. She has been known to turn the narrative upside down so that the winners may lose and the losers may win.

Through his travels, Professor Tate has collected a number of haunted skulls that frequently make an appearance as important props in the show. Just as the skull of Yorick served Shakespeare's Hamlet, these skulls interact with the performers as symbols for life, mortality, and fate.

The numbers that are called influence the story as it unfolds each night. They can bring good or bad luck in different combinations, but the outcome of the night mostly depends mostly on the skill, creativity, and intuition of the performers.

The professor's top magician sets the stage with a dazzling ornamental kaleidoscope pattern. She preserves the mystery and magic of the show by casting a spell that hides the preparation of the performers backstage.

Professor Tate's Travelling Road Show Classic Edition Playing Cards

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