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Mucha Holo Edition Box Set Playing Cards


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The gift box is a sky and earth cover structure carton made of high-quality paper with a special touch, including two HOLO edition playing cards and a silver commemorative nameplate with a limited number.

The two decks of playing cards in the box set correspond to the pinnacle of Mucha's commercial works, "JOB" and "Reverie", which later had a huge influence in Japanese manga comics.

  • Gorgeous pearl paper tuck box with foil
  • Full Laser HOLO illustrations on the card face (Index with no pips)
  • Only available as boxed sets
  • Gorgeous metallic ink
  • 52 cards+2 jokers
  • Standard poker-sized playing cards
  • Limited to 500, with custom numbered tuck seals

The Special Edition Playing Card Deck is one of Mucha's most famous and commercially sensational posters - "Zodiac".

The original version of the "Zodiac" was originally designed as a calendar. The protagonist of the painting is a beautiful woman with wavy golden hair. She is shown in profile, wearing a Byzantine headdress and jewelry, with the signs of the zodiac signs set against the backdrop of Mucha's signature circle pattern, surrounded by delicate leaf decorations.

The Zodiac astrolabe symbolizes the 12 months of the year, and the form of the disc is reminiscent of the 12 hours on a clock. In the surrounding decorative patterns, Mucha has repeatedly incorporated symbols of time, such as the evergreen laurel tree painted in the two upper corners of the picture, which is a symbol of eternity. The sun and moon in the lower left and right corners represent day and night, respectively, and behind them are sunflowers that symbolize day and poppies that symbolize night, which is a metaphor for the change of day and night and the passage of time, which fits well with the theme of a calendar.

Mucha Holo Edition Box Set Playing Cards

₱5,950.00 PHP

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