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Eye of Kukulkan Feathered Serpent Gilded Green Playing Cards


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Hologram Foiling Deck “THE FEATHERED SERPENT” and Golden-Black Foiling Deck  “THE EYE TEMPLE” ~ I am sure you will love them both like me 😎 Both versions have 55 playing cards with premium 310 - 330gsm card stocks. Ultra-smooth varnishing for easy shuffling and cardistry-play!

1/ Green-Foil and Golden Tuck Box! Whole tuck case designed with dark foiling green and gorgeous metallic gold illustrates the extreme details of Kukulkan!

2/ Mystic Green Foil Gilding! Unique leave-green foil on a gilding features the sacred jungle in ancient Mayan.

Definitely the highlight of the whole deck! 😝 Enjoy the ancient Mayan deities and tales in modern art style with gorgeous Holographic Foil and Metallic Gold Printing! And the magic is - each card has a stone texture with a fancy holographic crack texture on the background, just like holding the Mayan reputable stone-carving art on hand! Cool huh? 🤩

Wow ~ Main course coming up ~~~~ TZOLK'IN NUMBER CARDS! 🤩🤩🤩

Another greatness by Mayan that still shocks us today is definitely the TZOLK'IN! Although I am not a Tzolk'in profession, as a super fan of Maya and Magic, I am super fascinated by the Tzolk'in and all the magic systems inspired by it such as the 13 MOONS CALENDAR! 😄

20 Solar Seals plus 13 Tones re-designed with serpent art style and perfectly fit in the number cards! Each solar seal represents an energy or message from the universe, may be a hint of the day or a desired energy for yourself. Play to know what 'The Vision Serpent' tells you! 😌 Again, the whole idea of the Tzolk'in or 13 Moons Calendar system is quite difficult to master, and I am not intended to do a master-grade tarot here either ~ In contrast, I just hope to shed some light on this magical calendar and draw your interest on it! As I am sure you must love it 😎 ~ But if you are Tzolk'in or 13 Moons Calendar expert ~ That would be perfect! Feel free to combine these cards with your profession 😚 I believe the greater power shall come with a more fantastic answer!

Hahahaha I can say this is the most challenging part in this project ~ 😜The card backs of Kukulkan carry multiple printing effects 🤩🤩🤩, such as Foiling, Metallic Gold Printing, Grunge background and even spot UV! All these effects are designed on just 2.5" x 3.5" cards with highly detailed ancient Mayan graphics! Bravo ~ I can imagine tons of work to do in production ... lol 😆

Card back of the 'Serpent' version features the scene of ancient Mayan worshipping the Seal of Kukulkan! Full Dark Green Foiling with metallic printing gold on stone textured background brings you the taste of holding a precious artefact!

100% Redesigned PIPS! 😚 All 4 pips designs - Spade, Heart, Club and Diamond are inspired by ancient Aztecs & Mayan art style - BOLD & LOUD!

Ace cards in the 'Serpent' version feature the traditional Mayan Chama-art style RED-ORANGE with jungle green ~ And each ace illustrates the sacred objects or animals in ancient Mayan - Sun / Vultures/ Serpent /Jaguar.

Poker cards are a little bit tricky 😒... My Charmie cat 🐱 keeps pushing me to use her face in Kukulkan decks but I really couldn't find any trace of a furry cat in ancient Mayan history... After days and days of her meowing and torturing, I've decided to use her ancestor-a-like, the JAUGAR! Hopefully she will leave me alone...😝
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Eye of Kukulkan Feathered Serpent Gilded Green Playing Cards

₱2,550.00 PHP

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