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Clear Skies Resistance Collector Set Playing Cards


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When the world begins to get used to a conflict that seems increasingly distant, there are voices that go on shouting to defend their lives and that of their families. This deck represents that constant struggle, that way of surviving and overcoming adversity every day, a fight for freedom against suffering and destruction that, after more than a year, has not been able to overcome the determination, courage and resistance of the Ukrainian people.  

Resistance set include two decks (Resistance and Freedom) together with a bullet shell (7.62 coming directly from the frontline, not from any kind of training, but from the battlefield).

Clear Skies Resistance uses the same designs as the original Freedom and Unity editions, but all artwork is recolored in black and red - colors of Ukrainian resistance.

The unjustified suffering and bloodshed shake those who see in Ukraine a beautiful and peaceful country, thrown into this merciless war. However, the strength, determination, and resilience of the Ukrainian people illuminate with hope the future of the country and its necessary reconstruction.

Each of the suits is inspired and expresses a positive value. The freedom of clubs, the unity of diamonds, the truth of spades, and the love of hearts. These cards are full of best wishes for a people fighting for their freedom.

The golden tree of hope now decorates the back with the red and black of struggle and resilience. The entire deck has been completely customized, and each card is a canvas that brims with emotion.

The entire deck has been completely customized, and each card is a canvas that brims with emotion.

Bivas Bhattacharjee (Old Gravity) has created a tuck case with a modern design, with an eye to the future, a future of freedom adorned with the symbology of the Ukrainian country. On the front, national flower, the sunflower, now a symbol of resistance, frames emblem, the trident, a symbol of freedom and resistance.

The back is a song to peace, with a dove that takes flight but is being destroyed by the conflict. However, two tree-shaped hands reach out to catch the pieces and rebuild it.

Clear Skies Resistance Collector Set Playing Cards

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