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NOTE: Has deformation on the outer box.

In order to distinct from all previous versions of the gift box design, the elegant box set adopts a new structural design, inspired by the auto sunroof of sports cars. When you open the gift box, two pieces of cardboard with logo and text will separate slowly, and the playing cards will be leaked out.

The mechanical structure of the gift box is only made of paper, which is assembled by hand with 8 pieces of cardboard.


    made of high-end special paper which is the same as the brand box, with a silky feel
    assembled by hand with 8 pieces of cardboard.
    l Full-Page champagne gold foil pattern.

(Elegant Deluxe Box Sets)

The Elegant Deluxe Box Sets includes:

    The Giftbox used High-end black cardboard
    Contains a pair of playing cards:Midnight Black & Ice White
    Cards edges are gilded.

Black and white represent eternity and purity. Using black and white Color on design will make the product more concise and artistic. Based on this design concept, we have added two new members to the Card College Family: Midnight black & Ice White Playing Cards.


    Made of high-grade special paper with a silky feel.
    Using Champagne gold foil pattern.
    A revolutionary card box Structure assemble with 6 parts by hands.
    Playing cards are printed by Pantone Metallics Color.

Note:The Midnight Black & Ice White deck printed by Taiwan (Not USPCC)
Card College Deluxe Elegant Box Set Playing Cards
750000 900000

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