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The Carbon Deck was a collaboration between designer and Elemental Playing Cards founder Nick Nisco, and designer Luke Wadey. Two editions were created for this project - Graphite Edition and Diamond Edition. Both are an allotrope of carbon. Luke Wadey designed the Graphite Edition with cardists in mind, using premium crushed Bee stock - and various design elements. It showcases a one way back design with a large hexagon embedded in the center. The hexagon is representative of the way carbon atoms bond to create graphite. It is also meant to be a focal point when performing various card flourishes. The deck also has four different fanning patterns when fanned from different sides.

Features include:
One time print run (2500), printed by USPCC
Premium crushed Bee stock with air cushion finish
56 fully custom cards including 3 Jokers and 1 gaff card
Fully custom tuck with custom numbered seal
Traditional cut
One way cardistry focused back design
Full bleed design for intense fans and card flourishing
Carbon Graphite Edition Playing Cards

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