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Bicycle Boo Back Playing Cards


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Limited first edition printing of 2,500 decks

With this deck of cards, you'll be able to cross the veil and summon evils spirits in order to do your bidding. Call upon the darkness to make a chosen card rise from the middle of the pack, or even cut the deck right to the card that a spectator is merely thinking of.

Because that's what you do when you can communicate with the spirit world. Make them do card tricks. Plus, who knew that spirits from beyond the veil were so adorable?

We have always loved hands-off card magic. Literally the tricks where something cool happens to the deck while nobody is touching the cards. Stuff like the haunted pack and the rising card. With the Boo Back deck you can ask the ghosts in the deck to make the cards move by themselves, no need to call for random invisible forces to do it.

I like using custom cards, but I'm also a big believer in at least some level of familiarity in the cards for the audience. We all know that Bicycle is the biggest name, so that's why I used the Bike logo and style. If we give the cards a new look but keep the classic elements I think the cards are familiar enough that audiences see them for what they are: a twist on a classic.

The deck has Bicycle stock and Magic Finish and is traditionally cut. People smarter than me know exactly what all of that means. I just know it means these cards feel dope. Every bit as good as the Bikes you know and love, but probably better.

Collectors will dig this deck also. It's a cool update to a pretty classic deck and it's limited. Maybe someday we'll print some other colors (we probably will, I really liked having multiple colors of Insignias) but I don't have any plans to print more batches of these grey ones. When they sell out, they'll probably be sold out for a long time. Maybe forever.

The deck has standard Bike faces that have been recolored to match the ghost vibe. Identical jokers because that's more useful than different jokers. A custom Ace of Spades because those are the rules. Also a double backer and a blank facer because extra magic built into the deck is rad. The box is a normal card box and has a custom sticker.

Collect them, use them for tricks, or do some kick-ass cardistry with them. As long as they're bringing joy into your life and the lives of others, you do you Boo.

Peace, love, and ghosts

Bicycle Boo Back Playing Cards

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