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What is your White Whale? 🐋

What is your White Whale? 🐋

What is your white whale?

A white whale is defined as something you obsess over that becomes your ultimate goal - in this case, in your card collection.

For years, my white whale is the EMP Monarchs. A collab between Theory11 and Eleven Madison Park - a fine dining restaurant located in the heart of New York City to which was crowned No. 1 in the World's 50 Best Restaurants in 2017.

Monarchs EMP was not for sale and was only given to guests who dined in the restaurant.

I went through as far as reaching out to interns and people who worked in the restaurant through multiple platforms.

But I found one while casually scrolling reddit. It was priced reasonably and it was in perfect condition. So I grabbed it.

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