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The Trinity and Expanding the Culture of Magic and Playing Cards

The Trinity and Expanding the Culture of Magic and Playing Cards

The Trinity.

You've probably come across that name while browsing through your Facebook feed and have seen the plans to go live in your Facebook groups.

Who are they exactly and what do they have to offer?

The Trinity are a group of two magicians and a sleight of hand artist. Yes, there is a difference, tune in to find the subtle yet blatantly obvious difference between the two. They are V, Spade JM, and Magic Bae. All three are masters of their craft and are considered some of the more veteran community leaders we have in the local magic/playing card subculture in the Philippines.

They have taken on the humble task of moving the community forward by discussing anything and everything pertaining to magic and sleight of hand, from performance tips, magic movie reviews, and the playing cards you use to perform. Through their podcast Covert Operations and Youtube Series The Rabbit Hole they aim to reach out to more would-be practitioners of the craft and hone the talents of present performers.

You may have also noticed that we've taken it upon ourselves to also help support their mission by sponsoring a handful of their episodes on both Covert Operations and The Rabbit Hole.

As the leading supplier of magic materials and collectible playing cards in the Philippines, we thought it was a no-brainer to support those who do so much for the hobby and subculture we all know and love.

We eagerly look forward to what Season 2 brings for the Trinity and how they raise the standard of the local magic and sleight of hand community.

Let us know if you too have plans we can help support to bring the magic and playing culture to greater heights by tagging us on instagram @runitdecks.


Follow the Trinity on instagram to see what they're brewing up every week!

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