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On Our Eleventh Year

On Our Eleventh Year

Have we told our younger selves that in 11 years, we'll have our own place full of things that we are passionate about. We would not believe it, NEVER.
What started out as a hobby; became a side hustle; which then led to full time. When we started 11 years back, we thought we'd be doing this for a few months, years, two years tops. But a decade has passed, and yet we're still here - and we're grateful.
Over the years we've come to realize that what made us reach a decade is not because of the selection of decks, or a stellar service - but because of the community; the people; YOU.
It's because of you, that defined what RunIt truly is. More than a store, a brand, or an experience. RunIt is a community of people having the same passion, sharing knowledge, and building friendships, relationships that last through a lifetime.
Until when can we keep this running? We can't tell. But for as long as you keep your passion burning - we'll be here.
To more years together?
RunIt ❤
Photos from RunIt 100 private event by Frank Alan Cuvin

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