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New International Shipping Rates

New International Shipping Rates

Some exciting news: Our international shipping rates have been updated. Up to 30% cheaper compared to the previous rates, but the same reliability and fast delivery time.

One of the most requested service update from our international customer is the cheaper shipping without sacrificing the speed and reliability we have been known for.

After weeks of negotiation with couriers, we are now finally offering cheaper shipping rates via FedEx Priority.

See below for updated shipping rates! Please do note that these are approximate in US Dollars as of September 9, 2021.

1-8 decks: 24USD
9-17 decks: 34USD
18-26 decks: 44USD
27-35 decks: 71USD

Hong Kong, Singapore, Taiwan
1-8 decks: 11USD
9-17 decks: 16USD
18-26 decks: 22USD
27-35 decks: 36USD

Brunei, China, Indonesia, Japan, Malaysia, South Korea, Thailand
1-8 decks: 15USD
9-17 decks: 21USD
18-26 decks: 27USD
27-35 decks: 46USD

Cambodia, India, Laos, New Zealand, Samoa, United States (Guam), Australia
1-8 decks: 23USD
9-17 decks: 33USD
18-26 decks: 42USD
27-35 decks: 64USD

Canada, Mexico
1-8 decks: 24USD
9-17 decks: 34USD
18-26 decks: 44USD
27-35 decks: 71USD

Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Spain, United Kingdom
1-8 decks: 35USD
9-17 decks: 52USD
18-26 decks: 68USD
27-35 decks: 85USD

Austria, Denmark, Egypt, Finland, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Jordan, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Qatar, Sweden, Switzerland, Turkey, Maldives, Pakistan, Czechia
1-8 decks: 34USD
9-17 decks: 51USD
18-26 decks: 68USD
27-35 decks: 87USD

Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, British Virgin Islands
1-8 decks: 38USD
9-17 decks: 57USD
18-26 decks: 76USD
27-35 decks: 97USD

Iceland, Russia, United Arab Emirates, Romania, Bulgaria, South Africa, Moldova, Sri Lanka, Saudi Arabia
1-8 decks: 41USD
9-17 decks: 61USD
18-26 decks: 81USD
27-35 decks: 103USD

All decks are enclosed inside a RunIt DS1 Protective Cases and shipped in a corrugated box. All packages are fully traceable anywhere in the world. Shipping rates are calculated on checkout, should your country not included, please contact us and we'll work on it.

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