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Upgrade your playing cards with this incredibly colored and flawlessly designed card deck! This hot pink faced poker deck soars across your spectator's eyes with full color court cards sporting black and white pips! They are perfect for magicians, gamblers, card collectors and everyone in between. They are printed in brilliant color on high quality Bicycle stock for ease of handling.

The deck also includes extra gaff cards for performing card tricks.

Featuring Vivid Color on Quality Bicycle Stock
Rich Pink Faces and Reverse Back Boarders
USPC Air Cushion Finish
Deck Holds Two Jokers and Extra Gaff Cards to Perform Card Tricks
Printed by US Playing Co. on Genuine Bicycle Stock
Playing Cards and Magic Tricks by Magic Makers
Including Gaff Cards for Performing Card Tricks
Beyond the 52 standard playing cards you will also receive special gaff cards for performing card tricks. The Reversed Back Pink Deck contains the following gaff cards…

Black & White Joker Cards: Black Joker face card and White Joker face card
Joker/Queen of Hearts Double Face Card: White Queen Of Hearts face and black Joker back
Pink/White Double Back Card: Pink reversed Bicycle back and Pink reversed Bicycle back

Gaff cards can be used in a plethora of card tricks and even gives you the ability to make up your own tricks! The cards are made for ease of handling and include a pop of color for a very visually stimulating experience.
Bicycle Reversed Pink Playing Cards

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