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The world’s first deck design specifically for flourishing/XCM was the PRO XCM Dominion deck (De'vo's DOMINION) which went on to win United Cardists Fanning deck of the year, and deck of the year by our own customers.  It sold out FAST and is still one of the most talked about decks in the card community!  The Viper deck is a brand new HOT deck in the PRO XCM line-up, with artwork by amazing artist Prof. D.W. Phelyx Hopkins.  This deck features a twin tip mirror back design with GREEN priority and black secondary.  The faces are all new for this deck!  The faces also feature a twin tip mirror back design with pip priority and a green and white fanning pattern for the secondary.  This means that you can make the deck appear to have two different back designs depending on which way you fan the deck.  This deck also comes with two different cover cards, and a red/green double backer featuring the back design from the Dominion and Viper deck.  This is perfect for magicians, flourishers, and XCM artists.  The elegant box features green foil and a silver foil seal.  The Dominion deck sold out so quickly and we still to this day get emails from people wishing they had gotten a deck for their collection. 
Viper Pro XCM Playing Cards
55000 105000

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