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Transparent deck:

  • Strong interaction, the final magic effect occurs in the hands of the audience, the audience can have a highly participation, after the performance, the prop can be checked.
  • The expansion is strong, according to the use of you own routine
  • Give your Playing Card a perfect ending.


  • The Thickness is slightly thicker than omni deck, The thickness is about 46 cards, compared to omni deck, more close to the feeling of playing card, this is the best feeling I use .
  • As for the size, the width is the same as playing card, the length of slightly shorter than the poker 2-3mm, which is adjusted to the optimal size.
  • side processing : Whether a transparent deck is good or not, the most important depends on the side and the whole stack of poker similarity, on the original basis of Omni deck, we add a process, so that the whole side looks more like real playing card.



Transparent Deck (No Instructions)
70000 105000

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