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In early 2012, playing card projects on Kickstarter were a rare thing. Only a few had been successful, but when the Tendril deck appeared it was a sensation, going on to become a Kickstarter Staff Pick, handily breaking the funding record for a playing card project, and giving Encarded a proper launch.

Since then, Tendril decks have been fiercely fought over, with most collectors not letting any of their decks go. We have produced many projects since then, all of which have sold out, but Tendril is the one that we constantly get requests to reprint.

We promised never to reprint Tendril, but since 2012 we've had ideas for ways to expand the design motifs to new decks, and today you can help bring not one, but TWO new Tendril designs into reality.

Tendril: Ascendant

The first deck we call Ascendant. Its design incorporates all the refinements that we have learned over the years and mixes those with the organic symmetry first seen in Tendril. The colors are bold, the borders are intense, the faces are dark and the level of detail has been increased.

Tendril: Nightfall

Nightfall is a mirror of the original, with much the same art and layout. We designed the original to be as if you were in the tropical rainforest, peering up at the sun through the natural habitat. Nightfall is that same view, but time-shifted to the evening, when the moon is glowing and the light is cool and dark. We subtly refined many aspects of the original design and added some visual texture and detail. Nightfall is the perfect companion to the original Tendril deck.

Tendril Ascendant and Nightfall Set Playing Cards
48000 95000

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