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Custom designed poker size playing cards inspired by a classic fantasy world with humans, elves, orcs and dwarves. Printed by LPCC.

The deck, named Teliad Heren, represents nature, life, harmony, not “peace” since Humans, Orcs, Elves and Dwarves do battle and confront themselves. The back has elements from the four races and fuses them together in a new, innovative way. Gold foiling will embellish the tuck case.

Passione relies on LPCC for printing its own premium decks. LPCC is a reliable partner, already involved in the Love is a Smoke project.

Teliad will be printed with Elite finish.

A statement from LPCC: "At Legends PCC, our primary focus is producing the world’s finest playing cards for people who appreciate quality. Constantly staying on top of worldwide printing advances, we seek to apply these to playing card manufacturing and packaging design. With this project, we are looking forward to trying out a new and never before used paper stock for packaging, a premiere Italian paper supplier with a wide selection of brand new paper varieties. Quality and consistency is paramount when dealing with paper, and when you print with Legends, we can closely match the feel and durability of any of our in-house decks."

This time Passione Playing Cards together with LPCC will bring out custom tuck cases for the first time from a renowned Italian company, a leader in paper manufacturing: Fedrigoni.


Fedrigoni is not a new player in the market. It actually created the market itself, the Fedrigoni Group was born in 1717 AD. Now Fabriano is part of the Fedrigoni Group, it is worthwhile to remember that Fabriano invented modern paper, working on it since 1264 AD. It’s one of the most ancient “made in Italy” products you can think of.

Teliad Playing Cards

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