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Supernova is a 3-phase modular miracle, plucked straight from Duane William's working repertoire.



  1.  Make a SOLID 8 Ball appear from a burst of flames. 
  2.  Vanish a signed coin.
  3.  Explode the 8 ball to find the signed coin trapped inside. 

The magic that Duane creates always tops the best-seller lists. Dimension, Revive etc.


Why? Because Duane only creates practical magic.   

Before working here at Ellusionist Duane was a full-time, boots to the ground performer. He's seen it all. From hecklers to jaw-dropping runaway reactions.


He knows how to hand-pick and perform ONLY the most powerful tricks for his audiences. 


Supernova is his closer... He saves the best, for last. 




With Supernova, you produce a very real 8 ball in a startling burst of fire. 


Then..You vanish your spectators signed coin from your fingertips. 


With a sudden explosion the inspected 8 ball disappears into space, with the signed coin dropping from it's core.



Engineered to balance perfectly on the scales of visuals vs practicality, each Supernova package contains a real 8 ball and the gimmicks required for the full performance. Flash paper is not included.


Own Supernova TODAY.

FUN FACT - During the first performance on the trailer the blonde-lady interrupted the trick to try and book Duane for an event... and that was after only seeing the appearance. The next two phases turned her from a soft enquiry to a confirmed client. If Supernova did that for you only once, it would pay for itself 10x over.

Supernova (Instructions and Gimmick)

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