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Slider v2 (Instructions and Gimmick)
Slider v2 (Instructions and Gimmick)
Slider v2 (Instructions and Gimmick)

Victor Voitko

Slider v2 (Instructions and Gimmick)

Regular price ₱2,050

A new system for the appearance/disappearance and the visible flight of various objects (such as cards, coins, bills, spoons, forks and much more...) 

Some effects: 

1. A spectator signs a coin. The coin then moves from one hand to the other in three different ways. In the final move, the coin slides across the magician's chest, from one side to another! 

2. A spoon visibly moves across your chest from one hand to other hand. 

3. A fork or knife disappears in your hands and etc.... 

For stage magic, for restaurant magic, close-up magic and much more... 

This set includes:
  • 1 Slider system
  • 1 new holder for Slider system
  • 2 jumbo coins for routines
  • 1 magnetic jumbo coin
  • 1 special ring
  • 1 special metal part for normal coins
Slider v2 (Instructions and Gimmick)


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