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Slave to the Spade is a booklet written by Joko Curioso. An aspiring sleight of hand artist from the Philippines. It entails his love for poetry fused with his love for sleight of hand. As well as some thoughts about the current state of the magic industry in his homeland. 

Slave To The Spade Poems - Poems about sleight of hand and Magic beautifully written and composed by the author. 
Thoughts of A Madman - Poems about the author's personal life and struggles that made him the man he is today
Ten Tragically Intangible Thoughts - Ten short articles about what the author thinks about the current state of the magic industry today. As well as some tips for beginners and seasoned magicians. 

NOTE: There will be no tutorials to be taught in great detail in this book. Joko Curioso is currently writing another book right now regarding the sleights and improvements that he has put thought into and will be released late 2019. 
Slave to the Spade (Book)

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