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Silent Assistant (Instructions and Gimmick)
Silent Assistant (Instructions and Gimmick)

SansMind Magic

Silent Assistant (Instructions and Gimmick)

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Everyone dreams of having a stealthy ninja do their dirty work. Quiet and effective. Well, SansMinds has been busy working on a device behind the scenes, and is excited to announce that... NOW YOU CAN! 

Introducing the Silent Assistant! A devious device that achieves all the effects of a PK ring, with the added benefit of being visually deceptive to the human eye. Not only does it stay hidden in plain sight, this device cuts noise and eliminates rings during live performances. The Silent Assistant tackles two crucial factors of traditional magnetic rings, opening up a new world of possibilities! Vanishes, transformations, and more will be within your easy grasp! Watch the trailer and see the amazing effects this will help you achieve! 


What you get with the Silent Assistant:
1 complete set of the Silent Assistant system
Over 1 hour of online instruction, including 5 routines and 9 applications
A device hidden in plain sight. Perfect for all working environments.



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