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Custom poker size playing cards. Inspired by mythology, drawn with a sharp and modern style, printed by EPCC with foil on backs.

So, you are here. Our Messenger did his job. Welcome to our Reign, Mortal. We are the rulers of everything around you. We are the Gods of Pantheon.

Persefone, the the third joker, is unlocked! Pantheon's 55th extra card, inside every deck.

Pantheon is a limited deck from Thirdway Industries, with a luxurious tuck box and gold foil on card backs. I consider it a spin off of Dedalo, and all the court cards are Greek Gods.

Tuck box Features:

Dark matte paper
Double foil outside, Gold and Violet
Red inner foil
Numbered custom seal (1-1777)

Card Features:

2 Metallic inks on faces, bright gold and bright violet
Fully custom: courts, aces, back, box - everything redesigned
Gold foil on the backs
Limited - 1777 / around 1500 available through Kickstarter
NEW - 55 cards (extra joker included)

Pantheon Playing Cards

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