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The ORNATE series of cards exude elegance and class. Meticulously designed by Randy Butterfield of The Midnight Card Company, the ORNATE decks come in Amethyst (Purple), Emerald (Green), Sapphire (blue), and Scarlet (red),  designs. These beautiful, detailed decks will heighten the impact of any magic or flourish routine, or add a “high roller” feel to your poker table. Only 2,500 of each color have been printed for the first edition, so pick yours up quickly!

Designed from the Ground Up

Featuring 100% custom artwork, the ORNATE decks are the result of months of hard work. The heart and diamond cards feature a red background, while the spade and club cards feature a black/dark grey background for instant recognition. The corner indicies are large and bold to be read from a distance. The detailed border adds a touch of elegance and class, while minimizing the appearance of chipped edges after heavy use. The jokers feature a traditional jester head at the end of a scepter. Each deck also includes a special split color double-backed card for magic applications.

Ornate Emerald Playing Cards

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