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Numbered 427/499

These decks represent how we see the art of card collection - beautifully unique, consistently dynamic, and authentically yours. The decks are designed to compel and test the boundaries of the playing card world to keep our art consistently growing. They’re kept at small runs not because of artificial limits, but because they are crafted by hand, choosing to side step the industrial world of automation in favor of a more authentic handmade piece of art for your collection.

This series celebrates the beauty of Moroccan architecture and the origins around it. Because they were unable to create art with the human figure (sculptures and paintings), they celebrated their art by embracing complex and intricate geometry. These patterns were a way of expressing themselves and is what built the culture into what it is today. Throughout the following decks you’ll see multiple examples of different types of plaster and zellij pattern work, including a custom-made discovery pattern for the faces and courts.

National Card Collection Day 2019 Gate White/Lagoon Playing Cards

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