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NOTE: This is for the entire set of NPCC2018 (6 decks). Includes the following:

  • King
  • Queen
  • Bishop
  • Rooke
  • Knight
  • Pawn

3 decks are gilded (Red Gilded, Blue Gilded, and Holographic Gilded), and 3 decks are ungilded.

Inspired by the intensely curious works of Escher, this deck was meticulously designed and illustrated to create a reality-bending deck in the most sincerest form.

Good illusions blur the lines between dual designs, trying to persuade you to see something not quite there. But great illusions solidify those lines to transform these designs into unmistakably new perspectives.

Large windows blend the boundaries between cards and box. Each deck in this year’s collection contains a singular perspective that controls the “reality” of the designs inside it, creating a stunningly visual change to the actual cards themselves.


Will you be of the King’s persuasion and see his crown ? Or will your deck be captured by the Queen revealing a completely DIFFERENT set of pieces in tow? Bring home the world’s first dual perspective changing deck and keep a piece of playing card history for your shelf.

This deck truly takes the genre to a whole new level. A quick video shows the utterly stunning visual change side by side between one “reality” and another to truly appreciate the amazing results these small perspective boxes can do.

The Complete 6-Deck NPCCD Collection

Complete the entire 2018 Collection with this selection. Get EVERY color, EVERY design and EVERY gilding in the set. The collection comes with one of each of the 6 decks, represented by a different chess piece to create a full set that can be displayed face wise or edge-to-edge.

Includes (6) Decks Featuring:

  • Custom Side-Loading Illusion Tuck

  • Stunning Metallic Gold & Silver Intaglio Engraving

  • Reality-Bending Diecut Windows

  • Shimmering Ruby, Topaz, and Holographic Hand Gilding

  • Each deck is individually hand numbered out of 500

  • Cards made in the USA with USPCC coated with Magic Finish

National Card Collection Day 2018 Set Playing Cards

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