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NOTE: Edition 2619/3144.
  • The new deck is called the FOILED Frost Mint (Collectors Edition)​. I've always wanted to create a foiled deck, and this is the perfect opportunity. 
  • The entire Mint design pattern will be foil stamped onto the back of each card in a glimmering blue foil. This makes the deck FAR more reflective and eye catching than ink based decks. Getting the decks foil stamped more than doubles the cost of card production, but it's worth the extra expense to create a collectors deck that shines bright like a diamond! Check the bottom of this message to see a prime example of how good foiled cards can look. 
  • A maximum of 3,500 of these decks will be printed. ​This is the same number of Limited Edition Black Mint decks that were printed in my first Mint Kickstarter project. 144 of these decks will be for my own private collection. 
  • Each Foiled Frost Mint will come will be sealed and serialized for authenticity with a custom numbered tax stamp. 
Mint v2 Frost Foiled (Marked) Playing Cards

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