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Magix is very different from your standard card effect.

It's bold, shocking & taboo... but you never get anywhere in life without taking risks. 

The spectator thinks of a card and you take one thing from your wallet ... no not that. A card.

At the fingertips and with no cover, that card instantly transforms into a sealed condom. 

The beauty of this effect is that they think it's a joke until they're asked to tear it open. Finding THEIR card, locked inside.

The moment you give them the condom. You're completely clean.

3... 2... 1 *Sound of screaming spectators* 

Honestly, we weren't sure until we performed it, but this impossible souvenir is a true reputation maker. 

STRONG and memorable

Definitely more useful in your wallet than the real thing. 

Make an impact. Get Magix TODAY.

Magix (Instructions and Gimmick)

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