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Designed exclusively by reknowned card designer Randy Butterfield for JP Playing Cards, the First Edition LUXX™ Playing Cards are the beginning of what we hope to be our very own staple line of premium playing cards. The first edition tuck has some special features and touches;


A limited print run of 1111 of each colour. 
-Numbered seals.
-Two-colour foils (silver/orange and silver/blue) on each tuck with an interior silver foil. 
-The overall theme was inspired by the Flamingo Hotel in Las Vegas - A touch of luxury and our own take on traditional courts and pips sets the LUXX deck apart. Aimed at the casual card game player, these premium poker cards are perfect for a home game with friends.

A few more features of our LUXX decks;

-Thick card stock for the tuck box. 
-Four colour suits. 
-4 beautiful custom Aces. 
-Includes a Poker Hands Ranking guide.
-Traditional courts with a twist. 
-Back design which looks beautiful in fans and spreads. 

LUXX Playing Cards

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