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NOTE: This is for a set of Luna Moon Violet Edition. You will get 1 Standard Edition and 1 Deluxe Edition. 

Six months ago, Luna Moon was sold out in 24 hours. This time, we broke our own record. Esther Star was completely sold out in 19 Hours. We are so appreciative of all the excitement and support from our backers and we are beyond excited to bring out the Violet Luna Moon.

In the past few months, we have received hundreds of messages on Kickstarter, our company email, and social media, from backers who asked us to bring back the Luna Moon so they can add it to their collection. We truly understand your requests and we feel for you from the bottom of our hearts, but we just can’t reprint the original Luna Moon since we made a promise. After a lengthy debate that went back and forth for months between the team, we finally decided to bring out another edition and the LAST EDITION for Luna Moon - the Violet Luna Moon.

Luna Moon Violet Deluxe Edition Set Playing Cards

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