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Packet Cards Included:  

1 Photo - Back says "Nine of Clubs!"

1 Photo - Back Says "Four of Spades!"

6 Cards: 

9C (Blue Back)

KS (Blue Back)

JD (Blue Back)

2H (Red Back)

4S (Blue Back)

Double Face JD / KS

As of 11/20/2019: The Photo / Blank Back card is no longer included

From the creators of Heirloom, one of the best-selling tricks of the last decade, comes a miracle that fits in your pocket.

Having been out of stock for years, we are thrilled to be offering the updated edition of this landmark trick. This new edition includes video instructions and brand-new performances, to give you the best learning experience possible. Plus, you get all of the gorgeous props, of course.

Legacy is the kind of trick we search for as magicians. It's self-contained, can be carried with you at all times, and is engaging from start to finish. Your audience gets to know YOU and YOUR MAGIC during the effect.

The effect is simple: a story of your grandfather's greatest magic trick, performed using his original props. You remove a poker hand from his old wallet and have someone think of one of the cards in the hand. You then show that even from the grave, your grandfather knew exactly which one the participant freely picked.

  • Easy to do
  • Self-working
  • Includes all props (including the custom leather wallet)

This is a blockbuster effect that you will be proud to carry with you.

Package includes wallet, cards, and video instructions

Legacy v2 (Instructions and Gimmick)

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