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Limited to only 2,500 decks printed per colorway, these are the elusive King Slayers.

Until now, these decks have only been available on the Ellusionist 'Drop' or in our 12 decks of Xmas bundle. 

Hype behind these decks has been remarkable, with the re-sale deck market going crazy.

These decks are reaching over 4x their price on eBay already. Who knows how far that'll go when they sell out.

Featuring the powerful sword from the famous King's series of decks, this deck proves there can only be one winner.

Live by the sword, die by the sword.

Stock up on King Slayers TODAY.


NOTE: King Slayers are printed on famous B9 true linen stock at Cartamundi, with a sturdy gloss-finish tuck.

King Slayer Blue Playing Cards
47000 70000

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