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NOTE: Out of print. No longer produced. Numbered 514/555

  • Double foil (gold and silver) on the back of each card
  • Embossed velvet tuck case with gold foil accents
  • Inside printed tuck case
  • 54 cards
  • Gold metallic ink on the faces
  • Strictly limited print run of 555 decks
  • Each deck hand numbered and signed on the bottom of the tuck.
  • 100% custom design
  • Very smooth edge cutting

The tuck

For such a special edition, I wanted a special tuck case. I started searching and experimenting with various materials until I decided on velvet: The most obvious and appropriate option, came last as it often happens... Actual color will be a bit darker than what you see in the rendering below:

The velvet will have embossing and gold foil accents. Very Byzantine!

Icons Imperial Edition Playing Cards

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