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We travel around New Zealand a lot. Once on a road trip, and at the end of another awesome day, we were enjoying our campfire dinner and playing cards…. Suddenly we asked ourselves where in New Zealand we could find a high quality deck with some cultural and natural local features embedded in the design. Later we tried but could not find much. Very common souvenir cards were not an option.   

So, one day we made a few sketches, and after some thoughts and considerations decided to create this deck. When we started we were not planning to execute a comprehensive design but rather confine ourselves to minor standard cards alterations, and fully custom back design. However, we quickly realized that it is impossible to reflect our vision (even to a certain extent) of NZ inspired cards without a deep immersion in the process, and a huge commitment in time and effort.   

If several months back we had looked at the end result of our work, we would never have believed it could be so genuine, and real. Quite simply, we love what we’ve done.

Haere Mai Playing Cards

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