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A death themed deck of playing cards, a descent to the Underworld - and a unique Limited Edition deck!

Grotesk Macabre is the evolution of "Grotesque", which was the UC2014 annual deck. Taking this deck as a starting point, I tried to create my own vision of the Underworld. Although a joyful and positive person myself, I had always been attracted to dark themed artwork. I find fascinating how artists throughout the centuries have imagined the world of the dead and how they dealt with the greatest fear of mankind. In Grotesk Macabre I tried to combine the darkest of all themes with the heavy elegance of baroque and the pointy, flamboyant Gothic art.

-Printed by EPCC
-54 cards
-Master finish
-2 Editions: Original and Limited
-Original edition tuck case printed with special inks on a matte black stock, foiled and embossed.
-Limited Edition tuck case  will be printed on a gold stock, foiled and embossed .
-Both editions' print run will be determined by the demand during KS campaign but the Limited Edition will be NEVER printed again. The Original Edition may be reprinted but the tuck case of any future reprints will be basic and less elaborate in production compared to the KS Original Edition

Grotesk Macabre Playing Cards

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