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Chinatown Market edition Fontaines are the 8th deck of Fontaine Cards by Zach Mueller, made in collaboration with Mike Cherman and world famous Alexander Bortz.


In Febrary of 2017 I met Mike Cherman and world famous Alex Bortz.

Founder of clothing brand ICNY, Mike was starting his new venture, Chinatown Market.

Alex is known for shooting some pretty sick pics. You'll find his work on the cover of Cozy Tapes Vol 2, Big Fish Theory, and he's famous for blasting cigs. 

Mike helped me to make all the F hoodies we've dropped this year, and Alex and I got chipotle a lot.

As our friendships blossomed, we knew a collab was inevitable. 

"What if I drew a deck that's like a bootleg fontaine, like with shittily hand-drawn Fs, but not too shitty", Alex said excitedly, as he continued to blast his cig.

The collab was born.


Fontaine Chinatown Market Playing Cards

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