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Design & Features

-Printed by the U.S. Playing Card Company on Bee® Casino-Grade superior stock.
-Bloodlines will be printed at Quality level 1, air-cushioned finish performance coating for a buttery smooth, pro-level experience. 
-56 strikingly bold, custom playing cards that take the powerful, Empire series style to whole new level.
-Carefully considered layouts and design features that make the deck not just a beautiful piece of art, but one that you can actually play easily with, no matter your game. Cardistry, magic, gambling etc.
-White bordered edging around the back design for a more traditional card back look and feel that's tasteful and doesn't become distracting during use.
-Mischievous custom jokers that contain a card reveal utility for magicians to create powerful effects.
-Heavily detailed artwork on the backs, suits, layouts and pips with custom Ace of spades art, jokers and court cards.
-Wrapped beautifully in a luxurious, soft touch white box that's silver foiled and precision embossed.
-Finished with custom Empire series seals in scarlet/royal blue. 
-Standard editions of Empire Bloodlines are available in Emerald Green and Royal Blue

Empire Bloodlines Green Playing Cards

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