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The Double Eagle Commission deck was designed for Double Eagle Development, LLC. in Fort Worth Texas. The Texas company is owned by Cody and John, two of Jacksons Robinsons closest childhood friends.

Cody, John and Jackson grew up together in the West Texas town of Canyon, Texas and enjoyed a strong friendship there. If they weren't sharing a classroom, they were bonding on the football field where they formed many memories that last until today.

After graduating high school, Cody and John founded Double Eagle. Jackson worked as a professional illustrator for over a decade before creating his own luxury playing card company; Kings Wild Project.

After more than two decades, the "Triple Eagles" from Canyon are getting to collaborate on one of the finest decks of playing cards you will ever find. This deck was designed and illustrated by Jackson and was a labor of love for his lifelong friends and brothers, Cody and John.

The deck takes heavy inspiration from the best-selling Legal Tender Holographic Edition with a few design changes to suit the desires of Cody, John, and the heart of Double Eagle.
Double Eagle Playing Cards

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