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We are proud to present to you a new and completely redesigned edition of the new Double Black (Unbranded) Classic Edition Playing Cards designed by Blackout Brother. 

We wanted to capture in this deck the evolution of playing cards design. Therefore, the new Double Black Design represents this evolution with more elaborate illustrations, preserving the essence of the traditional playing cards but with a greater aesthetic force. The elegance of the custom designs in white on black backgrounds is enhanced with the red accents of diamonds and hearts. 

56 sleek custom playing cards
Manufactured on quality Bicycle® stock paper
Includes 1 gaff card and 1 specialty card
Custom face cards, Court cards, Jokers, and tuckbox
Printing by the United States Playing Card Company
Air cushion finish
Silver foiling and embossing on tuckboxes
Interior tuck print
Custom seal
Both decks will share the same faces but different back designs

Double Black v2 Playing Cards

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