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A fully custom deck of luxury playing cards, design inspired by diamonds. Get it now before its too late! Limited decks available.

About this project

Diamonds Playing Cards is one of the most luxurious decks produced by Sishou Playing Cards. Designed by Alvin Cheung and printed by Legends Playing Card Co, with casino quality Diamond Finish. 

This luxurious deck of collectors playing cards is Inspired by the qualities of a diamond and would be one of the centre pieces of your playing card collection.

Our aim of this project is to provide you a deck of cards that is:


Playable - Great for casual poker nights and at parties
Collectable - A perfect set of playing cards for your collection
Admirable - Show it off to your friends and family!

Tuck box Features - printed on high quality casino grade stock paper allowing intricate details. This deck will be embossed at certain areas allowing a great texture. Also, to enhance the design, metallic ink and silver foil will be used to create a shiny effect.

Card Features - Diamonds playing cards is nothing like you've seen before. With gold and silver metallic ink on BOTH SIDES allowing it to shine under lighting. 

Similar to the white diamond edition, the black collectors edition has a different tuck box design. It will be printed on premium stock paper embossed with silver foil and metallic inks. Imagine your friends reactions when you pull out a deck like this on a poker table.

Card Features - Similar to the white edition, the playing cards will have gold and silver metallic ink on BOTH SIDES allowing it to shine under lighting. The contrast with the premium casino quality black stock paper will make the design pop.

Diamond Playing Cards

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