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The Dérive collection is a set of 3 decks: Honey, Pepper and Prune – each limited to 2.500 units. It features a minimal back design with simple lines and a fluid face design that will display beautiful fanning patterns, with rhythms and connections. This re-color showcases new vibrant and fresh colors, that will make your deck pop out in videos and in real life.

The “DÉRIVE COLLECTION” custom brick will be limited to only 200 units. It will feature 4 decks of each color variation in a specifically designed box set. In order to get this brick, you have to specifically select it. If you do not select it, orders of 12 will come without the custom brick box.

_Printed by USPCC on premium crushed stock
_51 identical cardistry cards
_Unique Swivelbox
Derive - Cardistry Touch Prune Playing Cards

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