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Simplicity meets elegance

The Crown Deck is the signature deck of The Blue Crown. Designed to evoke quality, elegance, and style The Crown Deck has a Tally-Ho inspired back design and Arrco faces to offer a timeless appeal.

Top quality stock and finish for ultimate handling and longevity

Each Crown Deck is printed for us by the US Playing Card company using high-quality stock and finish to ensure lasting quality, durability, and handling superiority. The result is a deck that feels as good as it looks, and will add a touch of class to your magic, flourishes, and poker games.

The Lamborghini of playing cards

The Crown Decks broke just about every sales record in the playing card industry, with the first editions completely selling out in mere minutes. They have even been called “The Lamborghini of Playing Cards.” The 2nd edition decks feature an embossed tuck box and attractive shading, available in Blue, Red, and Green. Each crown deck comes with a different gaffed playing card and a free video download that will teach you fun tricks utilizing the gaffed card.

Crown v2 Red Playing Cards

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