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Every detail has been taken care of to make this deck a realistic wood deck made of the best Bicycle paper stock printed by the United States Playing Card Company. 

The WOOD DECK is a reinterpretation of the classic Bicycle RIDER BACK deck, using a set of textures to give the cards a realistic wooden look. 

Main features:
Printed by the United States Playing Card Company
Bicycle branded
Bicycle stock and Magic (air-cushion) finish
Customized faces with wood theme
Customized classic Rider Back in burned wood
Custom and numbered deck seal for this first print run (future print runs won't be numbered)
Subtle one-way cards with a two ways aspect Joker reveal
Card reveal on tuck box
Double-back gaffed card
Motion feature on corner screws
Embossed and inner printed tuck box
Many features for magic routines

Bicycle Wood Playing Cards

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