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This beautiful deck of cards based on an idea of ​​Raul Cremona. Raul is one of the most popular showmen in Italy, as well as one of the best and most loved magicians in our country. For the deck design he relied on Sam Hayles, an English artist known for the Karnival deck series. 
After months and months of hard work and continuous refinements, a refined and elegant deck is born, which will give a touch of class, and will make your cartomagic performances unique.
The backs of the cards pay homage to his beloved Milan discreetly incorporating the intricate and detailed design of the Duomo. Both the case and the ace of spades take up this reference to the Duomo with a fantastic design.
The discreet signing of Raul is visible as well as also on the box on two Jokers.
Complete the deck a card with a white face, and a double back that will be useful for many effects.
The deck, printed in only 3,000 copies by the US Playing Card Company, was produced with special premium stock paper, and with an air cushion finish. It therefore has excellent quality and easy handling, in other words the non plus ultra!
Bicycle Raul Cremona Playing Cards

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