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Bicycle NYX features artwork based on NYX, the Greek's Goddess of Darkness. One of the most feared figures in all of Greek Mythology, she is an exceptional power and beauty with Zeus himself even frightened by her, and according to legend, she watches you while you sleep and even terrifies the other gods.

The darkness of the night with the mysterious aspect of Greek mythology results in an interesting design. The face cards feature custom pips and court cards, and the Jokers are replaced by NYX.

The back card is a hypnotizing kaleidoscope blue against white borders. 
The artist decided to modernize NYX as the court cards feature her complete with dark metallic armor. She is featured in blood red and night blue; ready for battle. 
The numbered cards and pips feature a rigid and abstract design. It pierces through the white backdrop and really pops.

NYX makes a rare appearance in red and blue on the Joker cards.

The deck is made by Collectable Playing Cards and Produced by USPCC. Make sure you are not left in the dark on this deck!


  • Printed by USPCC
  • Bicycle Branded
  • Custom Pips
  • Air-Cushion Finish
  • Custom seal
Bicycle Nyx Playing Cards

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